Presentations and Workshops

This presentation was given at a meeting of the OpenDrive Forum held in Brussels on 16 February 2017.  It was the opening keynote presentation with the title When Robots Drive: Will it truly be the end of death and delays on our roads.


Presentation given at a meeting of TISA Forum in Brussels on 13 December 2016. The title of the presentation is Artificial Intelligence Meets Intelligent Transport Systems: Traffic Information in the Age of Robot-driven Vehicles


Presentation given at Aalto University Summer School, 11 August 2015

Transport in Digital Age_Industry View


Macro Factors_1AU13_V2

Real Time Data_Sep13_Self time_V4x

Presentation given at Telematics Valley Conference held in Göteborg, Sweden, September 2013

Telematics Rollout Factors_26SE13

V1xBeyond the Borders

Congestion Charging for Cars_AP9

Crowd Concensus versus Expert Witnesses_NO8

European Telematics_Current Status_12OC8

Improving Commercial Routing_JN9

Increasing Value Through Location-based Services_15DE6


ITS Beijing_Public Sector Data for ADAS

ITS Chicago_Disintegration of the Map Industry

IT Security in Transport_SE9x


ITS Madrid_Interoperability

ITS New York_ADASIS Forum


Knowledge Triangle EU Göteborg_SE9


The Business of Telematics_DE8

Traffic Information Collection and Integration_NO7

Updating Map Data Used in Navigation Devices_NO8

Volvo On Call

A view of Volvo’s telematics system in 2007

Components webinar – TSP Manager_10FE17

A presentation of the Telematics Service Provider Manager Component in the MOBiNET eMobility Marketplace Platform