Many of these papers were written to support work being performed in map data and navigation system standards activities.  You will find references to companies that were critical to the creation of the market for vehicle navigation, but which no longer exist in their original form.  You will find ideas that seemed to be half-baked at the time they were written, but are common practice today.

A National Roads Database of Sweden

This paper was written at the time that Sweden was still in the planning stages for its national roads database.  It was commissioned by the project manager for the database with the primary goal of extending the utility of Sweden”s road data for the then nascent in-vehicle navigation systems. The database was completed and is the assembly point for data created by most of the kommuner (communities) in Sweden.  It is not navigable, but it is good starting point for creating a navigable database.

A Proposal for Future Route Guidance Systems

Most route guidance systems produced for western countries use the same turn-by-turn instruction paradigm.  This paper suggests a different way of looking at the route guidance problem and a different approach to delivering useful guidance.

Digital Maps in Worldwide Automotive Context

Digital map databases eventually will be essential for effective mobility in every country in the world. This paper describes the principal issues that a National Roads Database would need to address in order to be usable in a broader context than public road authority databases have traditionally been used.

GM HQ Reinforces OnStar Message

Interoperable Map Data for Navigation

Offboard Navigation

Route Guidance Systems_Expanding Options

Route Guidance Systems_Luxury, Convenience or Necessity


The Business of Telematics

The Disintegration of the Mapping Industry

Read this paper if you  want to understand what has happened to those familiar names that were in the copyright line on your maps.

The Evolving Telematics Industry

This report is designed as a workshop.  The purpose of the workshop is to provide a framework for an automotive OEM which can be used to develop an in-vehicle mobile services strategy.