Welcome to my digital library.

I am what is often called a knowledge worker. Most of my work involves writing. My assignments during the past thirty-eight years have usually involved looking at complex processes and making them understandable to people who need to use these processes in their work. My specialty has become spatial data in vehicles, mostly cars and trucks. I started my professional carrier as an architect and urban planner after obtaining both undergraduate and graduate degrees from Princeton University. My early interest in computer-aided design combined with my urban planning background led me into digital cartography and eventually into navigable map data and in-vehicle systems. Along the way I have written position papers, reports, articles and a book, and have made many presentations to conferences and gatherings all over the world explaining and promoting the field of in-vehicle map-related services.

Over the years I have filled walls of shelves with binders holding these papers and reports. I felt that it was time to put a little order into my literary life and to organize these documents into a personal library that would be open to anyone caring to visit. No library card is required, and certainly no fees are charged for checking out anything stored on the digital shelves. If something catches your interest and you would like to discuss it with me, you can send me an e-mail and I will reply to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy your reading.

Michael L. Sena